On Neil Haboush “Putting Aggressively” Tips for Amateur Golfer

June 18th, 2007

Taking off from Neil Haboush tips on golf “Putting Aggressively” let me put some reasons why an amateur golfer should putt more aggressively than the pros:

•    Research on golf proved that the putt that gets the best chance to getting in to the hole is the ball that stuck with sufficient force.
•    A golfer can eliminate one way if the ball always gets to the hole.
•    Hitting the ball too hard gets you to an immediate reading on the return putt.
•    Making a bold, confidential stroke accelerates impact which will work well on any type of green surface. Aggressiveness pays more in a match play.
•    A long putt could guarantee a win in one of the 18 holes.
•    A short drive with a decent approach or a short approach with a good pitch is bearable among amateurs; they can recover well, but never on the putting green. No recovery there, if you putt it mildly.
•    A golfer lost a stroke with a short putt. Putt boldly and confidently.

As Neil Haboush puts it very well: “Go for the hole, buddy, never ever lag a putt”. An amateur deserves the cup by putting it hard. Maintain a bold stroke, and never doubt that an aggressive putt is the best stroke.