Online SEARS Catalog: Search On-line Now the on-line Sears Catalog

May 19th, 2011

Canada Sears catalog Online is the online representation of the Sears Catalog by Sears, Roebuck and Co. the catalog contains various types of high quality merchandise which ranges from Jewelry to craftsmen’s tools. All the merchandise sold by the company is of a very good quality and the company guarantees free maintenance of the products sold for a specified period of time.

Dwelling into the history of the Sears catalogue, it is seen that the company was started by Richard Sears in the year 1893. He started out by selling out watches. It was around this time that he realized that the rural communities had a dearth of proper supplies of merchandise. So he decided to use the shipping trade in order to supply his merchandise to various parts of America and Canada. He collaborated with Alvah C. Roebuck from Chicago and started out a company named Sears, Roebuck and Co.

They started out with the catalogue business, where the customers bought the merchandise based on the advertisements without looking at the products. So the key to the success of this business lay with consistency of the quality. The Sears catalogue listed the merchandise with good quality and lower price. This helped them to build goodwill in the rural market; soon the Sears catalogue gained huge hit among the rural customers in America.

Modelling Store

The mail-order business of the Sears gained more popularity due to the Homestead Act and with the introduction of the Rural Free Delivery; the delivery of catalogue became more economical.  The catalogues of the Sears and Roebuck contained catchy phrases that enticed the consumers into buying a product. Soon more and more people started to access the service of the company and it grew at the speed of knots. In the later years the company also started adding more glitz and glamour to their catalogue and started to put in more effort into designing them. Soon the company opened its first store in Chicago and by the end of 1980’s became one of the largest exporters in America.

The completion of the Sears Towers was one of the milestones in the history of Sears, Roebuck and Co.; it was the tallest building of the world till the year 1996. Now the company has various stores across the world and even has an online presence through its official website. The website of Sears has a variety of merchandise listed on it along with their photograph and description. The descriptions of the products are still the USP of their merchandising business because they still have flashy lines for every product to catch the fantasy of the consumers.

The catalogs have now been removed from being generalized to specialized ones. Here, you can get to have a look at the merchandise under special catalogs like Christmas Wish book and catalogs for the auto accessories.  This is just a resonance of the modern consumer trends and that people nowadays like to surf through more compact and specialized catalogues. The modern day fashion is reflected in the merchandise that is listed under the apparels catalogue.  Sears still enchants its customers through its innovations and we all know it will keep doing so for many years to come.