Paper Shredder: Cross Cut Review

September 12th, 2009

Cut Paper shredder Cross

Papers are cut into the form of small bits or stripes with the help of paper shredders. Paper shredders are used by individuals, government or business entities in order to destroy all types of confidential or private documents that are considered to be sensitive. It is often recommended by privacy experts to destroy tax documents, credit cards, bills etc. and shredding is a very good way to do it.  This is done so in order to save the privacy of an individual, business or government. Shredding stops the sensitive documents from falling into the hands of fraudsters who can put them to malicious use.  

There are various types of shredders available in the market which varies in their size and price. The small sized shredders are capable of shredding small quantity of pages and also cost less, but there are heavy duty shredders that are put to commercial use and can shred millions of papers in an hour. The commercial shredders are very costly and often it is seen that the commercial shredding machines are converted into shredding trucks.

We can often see the use of scissors that have multiple blades and shedders that do not require power to run, but there are also small shredders that use power to run. The shredding machines are classified on the basis of their shreds’ size and this is also the basis of measuring their randomness. There are a lot of companies that sell shredders or offer shredding services. One can have a look at the websites of these companies and order their shredders according to their needs and budget. Some of the types of shredders according to the shreds they produce are as follows:

  1. Strip cut- These produce strips of shed and the strips are of the length of paper.  
  2. Particle cut- It produces small circular or square shaped shreds.
  3. Hammermills- These cut the paper by throwing them against a screen.
  4. Grinders- This has a shaft which rotates and cuts the papers into bits and pieces before they can pass through a screen.
  5. Crosscut shedders- These have two drums that rotate in opposite directions.
  6. Disintegrators- These cut the paper into smaller pieces and random shapes before they are ready to pass through a mess.  

Some of the popular manufacturers of various types of shredders are mentioned below and you can check their website to surf through and order the shredder of your choice:

  1. Aurora- This is an old company that manufactures shredders for both private and office use. Their shredders generally use strip cut or crosscut mechanism.
  2. Royal- Royal manufactures paper shredders for personal use.  The shredders mainly belong to the strip cut or cross cut variety.  The performance history of the shredders from this manufacturer is impeccable.
  3. Fellowes- This is also a very popular manufacturer and builds shredders for use in offices. The shredders from this company are regarded as one of the most robust and heavy duty performers. The heavy duty shredders can shred millions of paper in an hour and can be put to large scale shredding activities.