Personal Trainer: Certified Fitness Trainer

October 10th, 2009

Certification Personal trainer Fitness

A personal Trainer is the professional who takes care of your fitness and help you to stay fit by doing regular exercises. The individualized approach towards the trainee and one to one training schedules makes him or her different from a regular gym fitness expert. You can call your personal Trainer at your home for training. If you have a personal fitness goal to achieve then you might appoint a trainer who will help you to do the exercises regularly with proper postures and motivation. There are five basic components of a personal fitness exercise which your personal trainer will look after and make sure you meet them all during your training program. The five components are muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardio vascular endurance, body composition and flexibility. The other factors that are considered during the training are speed and power. It is always advisable to take a medical advice and do a thorough check up before you go for a personal training program.

Online Fitness Certification Program

There are websites who provides online on to one support for your personal fitness training program. They have a scheduled plan of the training and provide certification after the completion of the course. You can get the proper certification fro becoming a personal trainer from the websites. There are websites who charges only 25 for the complete course which is very cheap and you can do your training from your home with spending time to travel for the gym.

Basic Salary for a Certified Trainer

The personal trainers generally work from the local fitness centers and health clubs. Their prime job roles are to assist the clients who seeks on to one or personal support for their physical training. They have to attain the client’s calls for personal coaching at their home. They demonstrate the proper exercises which are required by your body and take care of their postures while doing the exercises. A personal trainer keeps record of the client’s regular exercises and maintains fitness charts which helps them to asses the client’s physical improvement with the course of time. There were more 235,000 jobs noted in the fitness industry during the last two years, from which around 40% were recruited as trainers and gym instructors. The average pay scale of a personal trainer is approximately per session till 0. The corporate fitness programs also require personal trainers as the group instructors. They appoint some one to come in to their facility and train in different shifts.

Chicago Fitness Training

The Chicago fitness training is the one stop solution for your fitness requirements. You will find the best training programs designed for all kinds of body structures. They provide special personal training in their hi-tech gym facility in the Lake view area and the other on is located at the Albany Park. They offer home personal training courses by certified trainers not only in Chicago but other states as well. If you want to gather more information regarding the organization, you can visit their website and learn more about your personal fitness.