Property in South Africa for Rent: Private and Commercial Use

September 25th, 2009

Rental Property south africa Sale

South Africa is famous for the table mountain which has recently been chosen as the state icon. It has been declared to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. South Africa is located on the southern most part of the African Continent. The 2500 Km long coast line from Namibian desert border to the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect vacation destination for the tourists all around the world.
The narrow low lying sandy coastal plains have a glamour of its own, which attracts tourists all round the year. The coastal mountain region starts just after the coastal plains, so one can fully enjoy the sun and the sea with a magical blend of the attitudinal adrenalin.
The high inland plateau region is the main residential area and the center of commerce for the South African population. Though it is a very small country, but it has a culture of its own. There are various communities living in the country side by side but a unity in diversity is always evident in all the provinces in South Africa.

Property In South Africa

There is a huge craze in the world property market regarding the purchase and lease of property in South Africa. The value of the property is not yet inflated and sky high in the country as it is in USA and UK. The mortgage prices are also considerably low in the country and that is the reason people are going for a second home in the coastal as well as the plateau region of the country.

Private Sale

There are property dealers in South Africa who deals in all kinds of property. If you are looking for a property for your vacation or you want to settle in a place which is away from the congestion of the city live and pollution then you can look for the wild life estate properties. These properties are located in the middle of the lavish green meadows and in the banks of rivers with all modern facilities.

Rental Properties

 If you are looking for a temporary accommodation in South Africa then you might go for the rental properties. There are Real Estate agents who deal in the rental properties. You can either go for a property at rent or can take a lease for a few years. There are wonderful specious houses available with glamorous interior and stylish build just a few kilometers from the business hub in the country. The homes have contemporary features with sliding doors of wooden frames. The rent or the lease is very reasonable and it is cheaper than the other parts of the world.

Commercial Properties in South Africa

There are properties which are used as guest houses and allowed at rent for a temporary period. People from all the corners of the world come to South Africa for their holidays and the best part is, nowadays the country is also becoming famous as a honeymoon destination. Letting out of the property is a very popular business in the country. If you wish to invest in the property in South Africa for commercial purpose then you might go for a buy to let property.