Radiology Technician: Schools, Salary, Program, Jobs

August 14th, 2009

Salary Radiology technician Schools

All of you must have heard about the X-Ray machines which are used to take pictures of the different body parts for the purpose of operating them. It is also used by doctors and physicians all across the globe in order to look at the bone structure at times when you have faced an accident. But I am sure that you may not be know much about those people who actually performs the X-Ray by using the machines in the medical centres. These people are experts in the field of Radiology which is a very important part of the medical sciences.

A radiology technician is the one who analyses the prescription which is given by the doctor and then works accordingly to them. They also perform the job of making the patient understand where exactly is the problem lies and also about the procedure which he or she is following for the purpose of solving it. Though it appears to be a simple procedure apparently but if you are doing it hand on in a medical where there are thousands of different kinds of problems, you will have to know about the intricacies of the process in order to perform well. In this article we shall talk about the things that you need in order to become a radiology technician and also about the opportunities that is there in this field after your graduation from this particular program.

Radiology Programs

The radiology technician programs are of many different kinds and it is important that you make a detailed research about the same before putting a step forward. In case of entry level radiology technician it typically requires one year of certification or two years of associate degree or four years of bachelors degree. In all the states in the United States you need to be a licensed in order to start your practice with any hospital or medical centre. In order to gain that license you need to pass the entry level examination after the completion of your course from the school. In case of finding an institute it is always better that you choose a school which is affiliated to the American Society of Radiology Technologists or American Registry of Radiology Technologists.

Radiology Training

In terms of career it is extremely lucrative as all the hospitals and medical centres will need your expertise in order to function in the X-Ray and other testing which is related to imaging technology. Radiology technician jobs are available usually full time jobs. But in some cases you will also find jobs which are part-time or shift work. You will also find those which are on call basis. The salary for a year can start from ,000 and it can go as high as ,000. But there are lot of things which is dependant for the amount of salary that you draw. Having experience will definitely help you to bargain salaries with the hospitals at the time of your appointment. So, just go out there and enrol for this lucrative course because in this field there is nothing called retirement. You can earn till the time you can work, which is a rare case scenario in all the other industries.