Restaurant Supply: Wholesale Store

September 20th, 2009

Store Restaurant supply Wholesale

Restaurant business is one of the booming businesses nowadays in the country. There are thousands of restaurants all around and you will definitely find one for the choice of every customer. There are star restaurants and budget restaurants for the people of all categories. The restaurant supply can be termed as the main life line for the whole business. A restaurant will require all kinds of supply for its daily operations which starts from the raw vegetables till the cutleries and the Bar equipments. There are online suppliers available who deals in all the states and in Canada too. They basically design, sell and install the food service supply and equipments in the restaurants, bars, pubs and the hotels.

Wholesale Equipment Manufacturer
The Restaurant suppliers are the sole manufacturers and the suppliers of most or the products they sell. If you are ordering things in a bulk then they provide you with the whole sale rates. They generally supply the best quality products as they maintain their standard of business and try to retain their customers. All the products are specially designed for the commercial purposes hence they always advise not to use them for your domestic purposes. If you are ordering a product for your business you can always do that online. You can directly log on to their website and register yourself. You will get the online catalogue which will display all the products with their prices and any discounts that they are currently offering. You can order your product from the same screen by using your credit card or else you may call them up in their toll free customer care number and place your order over the phone. All the products are shipped with in one or two business days if within the United States.

Commercial Bar Equipment
There is a huge range of products available in the online stores for your Bar. You have price match guarantee on all the products against the market rates. As the overhead expenses are less for the online businesses the Restaurant suppliers are able to provide you the products in a cheaper rate than the market. You will get bar blenders and mixtures, floor mats, refrigeration systems, bar trays and tip trays, bar tender supplies, frozen drink machines and many more. All the things you can order online with out going to the market and wasting your time in shopping and bargaining.

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply
Ace Mart is one of the biggest chains of suppliers for the Restaurants and Bars in US. They have 13 stores located all around Texas. The stores are located in strategic positions so that they can service and supply anywhere within the state. They offer a wide line of services and products for your commercial usage. They have bar supply, Kitchen Supply, Catering Utility and other hotel equipments. They offer the free shipping facility if you are ordering for more than 0. They provide an excellent after sales service and their 24 hours customer service is considered as one of the best.