Right Tenant: Landlord’s property for Survivorship

September 29th, 2009

Joint Right tenant Landlord

Tenants are people who live in landlord’s property and pay the decided sum of money as the charge for living in the landlord’s property. Tenant and landlord relationship can be confusing and troublesome so both the parties should have appropriate knowledge about their rights. Tenant right is either rights enjoyed by the tenants or the movement to acquire rights which should be enjoyed by tenants. Generally tenant rights are made and implemented to protect the renters from the unfair eviction of the landlords and renters can live securely in affordable rates. The jurisdiction of laws dealing with tenant and landlord may provide tenants remedies for bad living conditions, privacy protection, protection from landlord retaliation, protection against exorbitant rent increases and protection for the tenant’s right to organize. However if the tenant follows rules and obligations, they should follow and the landlords do the same, then there will be no chance of occurring any problems between the landlords and the tenants.   

Landlord’s obligation
Tenants should always follow some guidelines to avoid any problems with their tenants. Tenants should make the house, apartments or any place where the tenants will live in a way that they can live there without any problem. If there is regular wear and tear in your rented house, then the landlord should repair it and payments should also be made by the landlords. Never turn off tenant’s electricity, gas or water, no matter what differences you and your tenants have. These are the basic right of any human being and so for the tenants as they belong to the same clan. If the landlord is transferring the ownership to new landlord, then a written notice must be given to the tenants in advance. Some landlords discriminate with tenants unlawfully which is illegal and against humanity.

Tenant right of California
Warranty of habitability is a law which provides basics like heat, water, gas, electricity, functioning doors and windows to the tenants even if your rental agreement does not mention these basics. A certificate of occupancy is issued by the city and then only it is considered legal. This law says that if the rental property has illegal constructions like duplexes and garages, then the landlord cannot ask the tenant to pay for those buildings. Discrimination against the tenant for race, sex, nationality, etc can be investigated and prosecuted by the fair housing council. The tenant should have their own privacy and if the landlord comes, he or she is also a trespasser as anyone else. But if anything is stolen from the tenant’s home or anything which belongs to the tenant’s, then it is the liability of the landlord. In case of shared utilities, the expenses should be paid half by the landlord and half by the tenants. Pesticide and toxic mold report says that if the landlord is using pesticides , then a notice should be given to the tenant mentioning the pesticide, ingredients in pesticide and health effects of these ingredients so that the tenants can move or make arrangements incase tenant is allergic to it.