Singapore Visa Requirements, Forms and Application Process of Business and Tourists

October 10th, 2009

Application Singapore visa RequirementSingapore Visa Requirements Every country is different when it comes to their visa and entry requirements. In addition to this, every country’s rules depend on your country of residency. For example, in Canada, many residents of countries from other commonwealth countries can travel visa free for up to three months. However, other countries require a visa even for just a three day visit. Furthermore, countries like the United States require every country except for Canada and Mexico, to have a travelers visa, even if you are just passing through on a layover.

For those wanting to travel to Singapore there are different visas available. For example, for those studying in Singapore, you will be on a student visa. For those on business, you will be on a business visa. However, you will also need an entry visa to gain access into the country. This is different depending on if your country is part of the Commonwealth of Independent state or not. For certain countries, such as Canada, the United States and Australia, no visa is required. Most countries fall under the no entry visa requirement.

However, for those from Independent States such as Georgia, India and Russia, you will need to complete an entry visa form. The entry visa costs 30 dollars and takes 1 day to process. The application process is all online and can be obtained on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Your entry visa will depend on the reason you are traveling to Singapore. If you are traveling to Singapore to visit friends or for a holiday, then you will be on a social visa. If you are doing business, then you will be on a business visa. Other reasons to travel include medical treatments and student purposes.

The Singapore Visa Application For those in Singapore, the application form can be submitted online. For those overseas wanting to travel to Singapore, the application form can be found for free at one of the overseas embassies located across the globe. Overseas Singapore embassies are in every continent from the United States to India and everywhere in between. For example, if you are traveling through Asia and are in Malaysia, you can visit the Singapore embassy in Malaysia to find the required documentation for travel to Singapore.

The Additional Singapore Visa Forms With the online application, you will also need to submit other documentation and paperwork. This includes a color passport sized picture of yourself attached to the form, a photocopy of the passport bio-data and proof that the passport is valid for at least six months from the date of entry, checklist 4, and a complete form V39A. For social purposes you will also need a letter of employment explaining that you have been given the time off work and that you are employed by that company.

Information on Singapore Visas for Tourists It’s important to understand the rules of a country before attempting to enter it. This is why you need to determine which visa, if any, is necessary for your type of travel. Furthermore, you need to have other documentation including a return ticket out of Singapore, sufficient funds to support yourself and a valid passport