The Department of Illinois Child Support Enforcement Services: State Wide Support for Our Children

August 25th, 2009

Enforcement Child illinois support DepartmentUnderstanding the Department of Illinois Child Support Services Illinois is one of the most populated states in America with nearly 13 million people living in the various cities and counties. Out of these 13 million, several million are children. And, out of these several million, a few million are affected by child support battles.

No child should have to come face to face with financial hardship. However, it happens, especially when a single parent is left to work and support his or her family without any assistance or support.

Regardless of whom the custodial and non custodial parent is the law in Illinois states that both parents are responsible for the financial welfare of their children. And this is why the Illinois Child Support Services is dedicated to ensuring this happens, no matter what the circumstances.

The Child Support Services in Illinois is state division operated under The State Disbursement Unit that controls the receiving and distribution of child support payments. They handle cases that are done privately through lawyers and publicly through the application process.

If you are trying to gain child support for your family, then you need to visit your county office and fill out an application. The Child Support Services will work from both parent’s financial situation to find out what needs to be done and how much child support will be granted. There are payment guidelines and structures put in place to ensure your child gets the financial support he or she deserves.

Paternity Tests and Payment Enforcements by Law However, in some cases you may not know who the father is or where he is currently living. The Illinois Child Support offices will help you through it. They offer paternity tests and location tracking guides.

Once you have established the whereabouts of the father the Illinois Child Support offices can also use their payment calculator to establish a child support payment plan that works for all parties involved. The department will work with the non-custodial parent’s employers to ensure the payment is taken directly from their income.

There are certain measures that have to be taken by the enforcement team if the non-custodial parent refuses to pay. These may include revoking a driver’s license, withholding lottery winning and income tax refunds, filing a poor credit report, and denying any passport applications.

Finding Child Support State Wide There are several different ways to contact the department of enforcement for support. You can visit their website or dial their toll free number. However, if you prefer to make an appointment you can visit any of their state-wide offices serving all counties in Illinois.

Offices are located in Aurora, Belleville, Champaign, Springfield, Joliet, Marion, Chicago, Peoria and Rockford. If you want to file a claim, fill out an application or have general questions regarding child support services, then you’re in good hands. The Department of Illinois Child Support Services is there for you and your children, no matter how difficult the situation.