The Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey Divorce Revisited: The Love Story, the Reality Show, the Final Goodbye and the Sweet Hereafter

August 19th, 2009

News Jessica simpson divorce LacheyJessica Simpson Divorce Part One: The Simpson Lachey Love Story If you read the gossip magazines and follow the celebrity trash than you were probably a little surprised, shocked and saddened to here that golden couple Jessica simposn and Nick Lachey were headed for divorce. These two had been together for several years and married for three. They starred in a hit reality show called The Newlyweds and made several very public appearances as a happily married young couple. So what happened? What went wrong? Let’s recount the events of The Newlywed’s divorce.

Jessica Simpson met Nick Lachey while they were on tour together. Both were young and they immediately fell in love. About two years after publicly dating, when Jessica was 22, the couple was married. Jessica famously remained a virgin until her wedding day. At this time both Jessica and Nick were famous pop stars rising to the top of the charts with their vocals and dance moves.

The Jessica Simpson Divorce Part Two: The Newlyweds Soon after they were married, Jessica and Nick appeared in a reality show called The Newlyweds. The show chronicled their life and their marriage. It surprisingly became an instant success due to Jessica’s bumbling blonde moments and Nick’s constant annoyance with his young bride. The two were a hit on and off screen and appeared to be the perfect celebrity couple. They were constantly photographed together and were one of the most beautiful couples on the red carpet.

The Jessica Simpson Divorce Part Three: Goodbye Nick After months of gossip papers speculation Jessica filed for divorce in December 2005. The divorce was finalized in June 2006. The reason for the divorce is unknown and most people assume they simply grew apart. She cited “irreconcilable differences” on her papers and that was that. Goodbye Nick, hello divorce.
Jessica Simpson Divorce Part Four: Life after the Season Final So, what happened after these two ex-love-birds filed for divorce? Since splitting up, Jessica went on to date Dane Cook and Adam Levine among other men. She then settled for John Mayer for several rocky months. She has since moved on to Dallas Cowboy’s star Tony Romo. They are now engaged in a very public relationship with Jessica constantly at her man’s football games and the two of them gracing the tabloid papers every week. Jessica has also ditched her pop star career along her ex-husband as she has now moved into the genre of country.

Nick Lachey began dating MTV VJ Vanessa Milano shortly after the split. They are still together and spend most of their time frolicking around in barely-there bikinis at exotic resorts. Nick has done little in the music department since before marrying Jessica.

The drama continues for these two ex-newlyweds and perhaps two more reality show spinoffs are in the future. When it comes to Hollywood, you just never know.