Time Warner Cable and other Time Warner Family Job Opportunities and Openings: A Chance to Join the Entertainment Masters

September 17th, 2009

Job Time warner jobs CableThe Time Warner Family: From Cable TV to Dotcom When you think of Time Warner, you probably think about Warner Brother’s Studio, the studio that brought you all those wacky children’s cartoons. Warner Bros’ is one only of the many arms under the Time Warner name. Other household names include AOL, Digital Cinema, HBO, MapQuest, MovieFone, Turner Broadcasting, CNN.com, TCM.com, cartoonnetwork.com, thesmokinggun.com, NASCAR.com, Adultswim.com, people.com, SI.com, Time.com, CNNmoney.com and TMZ.com. Needless to say, the Time Warner Company is a huge contributor to our entertainment system. There are several different headquarters located across America. Time Inc, HBO, Time Warner Cable and AOL are all located in New York. Warner Bros’ Entertainment is in Los Angeles while Turner Broadcasting is located in Georgia.

In addition to this, Time Warner is also a great place to work. They are committed to helping employees values and offer a range of different jobs from cable television to online communications. In 2007 there were 86,000 employees on the Time Warner payroll and this number is constantly rising.

Job Benefits for Working with Time Warner Because Time Warner is such a large corporation there are plenty of benefits for working for them. This includes a high quality comprehensive employment package featuring health, welfare and financial benefits. This also includes disability and long term care, life insurance, retirement plans, and health and wellness programs. Time Warner is dedicated to keeping the workplace a healthy place and thus there are certain programs for their employees including pregnant women programs, onsite fitness centers and onsite health services that are available for employee use. Furthermore, Time Warner provides onsite child care for employees with children and back up care when their regular childcare is unavailable. They also feature plenty of career development opportunities which include training courses and schooling for those who are interested in expanding their career and moving up in the Time Warner world.

Various Career Choices with Time Warner Jobs There are plenty of sectors under the Time Warner conglomerate. This includes advertising, cable broadcast television network, telecommunication services, corporate media, publishing, online content and services, film production and distribution, television program production and distribution. For those interested in advertising and public relations, creative writing and research, customer service and administration, digital technology, editorials, finances, information technology, programming and production, then Time Warner may have the perfect career for you.

Time Warner Jobs Opening Search Options There are two different ways you can apply for jobs with Time Warner online. First, you can simply submit your resume through the website. Human resources will keep it on file if anything comes up in your department. Or, you can use the Search for Jobs tool that will allow you to see and apply for vacancies based on your industry or area preference. All the tools you need to start your career with Time Warner are just a click away.