Census government information in Canada or through the United States Census Bureau: more than a name

March 22nd, 2011

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Census government information in the United States and Canada
A census is a massive undertaking which is undertaken at the federal level of government. It involves the collection of data about every citizen. As a result of the magnitude of the project, it is not conducted on an annual basis. In the United States, it is conducted every ten years; in Canada, the census is conducted every five years. Given the scope of the data-gathering efforts that are included in the census, it would be impossible for federal employees to conduct the census on their own. They cannot take on census duties in addition to their own work duties. Instead, the census involves the addition of temporary federal employees; these people make up the census team that collects this massive amount of data.

In the United States, census data is used for a variety of purposes. It is used to determine how legislative district lines will be drawn at the federal, state, and local levels of government. It is important to get an accurate count because if a community’s population is undercounted; that community will be shortchanged in terms of representation at all levels of government. The same is true for the allocation of funds. Census data is used to calculate how funds should be disbursed; if a community’s residents have been undercounted, that community will not receive all of the funds to which it is entitled based upon its true population.

Due to the fact that a census is only taken once every ten years, the information collected during a census is considered the most current census data until the next census is taken. During that ten-year period, various people might use census data for a wide variety of purposes. Census data that is available to the public does not include names and other confidential information but provides valuable insight into demographics such as age groups, gender, ethnic origin, and so on.

Census government information in Canada
In Canada, as noted above, the census is conducted every five years. This means that the Canadian government, as well as other levels of government, always has access to current census data that is less than five years old. However, it also means that the government goes through the additional work associated with a census twice as often as the United States does. As in the United States, the census in Canada provides valuable information about population, demographics, and much more.

Although census takers verify the name of people completing the census, the names of individuals are kept confidential. The census provides aggregate data such as population, race, gender, ethnicity, income, poverty levels, and so on.

In the United States, participation in the census is mandatory because it is important to obtain an accurate count. Even if it were not mandatory, though, participation is important because it can have a profoundly negative impact for a community to be undercounted. This is especially true for struggling communities; if the citizens in a struggling community are undercounted, that community will lose out on valuable funding that could be integral to its survival.