Understanding Iowa Child Support: The State Law, Recovery Unit and Enforcement

August 13th, 2009

Law Child iowa support RecoveryThe Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit The state of Iowa has a firm policy when it comes to paying child support. After all, children are our future but, as they are still growing children, they are also our responsibility. The Iowa Support Recovery Unit is a service set up by the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS), which ensures that the child is receiving proper economic support from both of his parents.

Not every family is picture perfect. In fact, within families there can be a lot of problems and ugliness that no child should have to come face to face with. The CSRU tries to handle these situations without harming the children.

They do this by assisting in paternity tests, modifying support orders, locating non-custodial parents and their income, and processing support payments. They also get in direct touch with parent’s employers to ensure that part of their wages goes directly to child’s support. The Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit will do everything they have to do ensure the welfare of a child’s in taken care of.

Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit and the Law Sometimes families need help, which is why the Child Support Recovery Unit acts as enforcement. They can help those who are receiving public assistance, and those who need extra help getting their financial situation under control. If you are having troubles and would like help, you can apply for Child Support assistance online, by phone or in the mail.

A State Responsibility Because the welfare of children is the number one focus for the state Department of Human Services, there are four different units within the child support services. They are established state wide so there is likely an office or support centre close to your home town.

The Child Support Recovery Unit is only one branch. However, it has 24 offices across the state. If you need to establish or enforce child support, the CSRU can provide guidelines and payment plans to get your finances back on track. Child support payments can be a touchy subject no matter how civil the situation is. The Child Support Recovery Unit acts as a mediator, an enforcer and a supporter for everyone involved.

Child Iowa Support Enforcement
There is also the Employers Partnering in Child Support Unit, which deals with the employer aspect of child support. They act as a calculator to figure out a payment method directly from your pay check. They also deal with the employer directly so there is no confusion or delay.

The Customer Service Unit handles case parties who have questions and their case and general questions about the different types of state wide child support services.

The Collection Services Centre deals with the actual child support payments. They receive, evaluate, record and distribute the child support payments in a timely and efficient manner.

The four branches of the Iowa Child Support Services are dedicated to ensuring that children are financially taken care of, no matter what has happened in the past.