USA Mexico Embassy: American Cities and Canada Help

September 6th, 2009

City Mexico embassy UsaUSA and Canadian Mexican Embassies Are you looking for a Mexican embassy in Canada or America? If so, then you have come to the right place. There are several Mexican embassies located across Canada and the United States. The Mexican embassy is put in place to help those living or traveling to Canada or the United States. Some of the duties of the Mexican embassy include visa help, passport advice, traveling tips, foreign travel, and language and speech help and several additional helpful benefits that are meant to make living or travelling to North America a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Mexico Embassy: City in the United States Below we have listed some of the most common Mexican consulate and embassies in the United States of America:

In Arizona, there is a Mexican embassy and consulate located in Douglas, Phoenix, Nogales and Tuscan. In California there are embassies in Calexico, Fresno, Los Angeles, Oxnard, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Ana. In Colorado, there is a Mexican embassy in Denver while in the District of Columbia; there is a Mexican embassy in Washington. In Florida, you will need to go to Miami or Orlando. In Georgia the embassy is in Atlanta. Illinois’s embassy is located in the windy city, Chicago while you will need to visit New Orleans in Louisiana. Detroit, Michigan and Boston, Massachusetts both have Mexican embassies as do Kansas City, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska. In Washington, you will need to travel to Seattle; in Utah, Salt Lake City, and in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. For New Mexico, the Mexican consulate is in Albuquerque with New York has its embassy in downtown New York. In Oregon, there is a Mexican embassy in Portland and in North Carolina; there are embassies in Charlotte and in Raleigh. The state with the most Mexican embassies is Texas. There are embassies located in San Antonio, McAllen, Laredo, Houston, El Paso, Del Rio, Dallas, Corpus Christie, Eagle Pass, Austin and Brownsville. Although there are not Mexican embassies in every single state, there is likely one close to your destination.
More Information on American Cities with a Mexico Embassy In most instances, the Mexican consulate and embassies will be located in the state capital. Each American Mexico embassy is will be located in a larger building and has a phone number, a fax number and an address which is all listed on the Mexico embassy website. If you are looking for an embassy closest to you, then it’s best to jump online and find out where the nearest embassy is. You can also find more information like protocol for appointments and trading hours.

List of Canada Mexico Embassy Cities There are also four Mexican embassies located in Canada. There are located in the four most popular cities. On the west coast, the Mexican embassy is in Vancouver. There is also one in Ottawa and in Toronto on the East Coast as well as one in Montreal, in the French speaking province of Quebec.