Using a local law enforcement agency to calculate child support payments in Ohio

October 7th, 2009

Law Child ohio support CalculatorHow to use a calculator to figure out Ohio Child Support There are numerous calculator system that can give an estimated amount of child support payments in Ohio. This will figure out an estimated that the non-custodial parent will have to pay to the custodial parent. The calculator allows the user to figure out a rough number of child support from Ohio directly on the website where the user will enter in the appropriate information pertaining to each question. The calculator will ask for information pertaining to the custodial and custodial non-parent such as gross monthly income, any amount of child support paid (if available) any alimony, monthly cost of daycare, and monthly cost of health insurance. The purpose of this calculator is informational and educational only and should be noted the courts in Ohio have the final authority to figure out child support awards.

What are the law under Ohio Child Support The Child Support program is held under the federal, state and local law in the state of Ohio. Services provided through the Child Support Enforcement Law in Ohio include: finding the location of the non-custodial parents, establishing a paternity agreement, establishing and enforcing child support orders and medical support orders and reviewing and making provisions to child support claims.

How an agency can assist with Ohio Child SupportOne way to obtain assistance with child support in the state of Ohio is through various agencies under the Ohio state government. The child support program is shared by federal, state and local agencies, with their set of roles to assist custodial parents. The federal agency is responsible for child support enforcement such as obtaining financials under the Office of Child Support Enforcement. The federal agency sets up standards for all the state programs in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is a designated IV-D agency has the responsibility to establish guidelines related to the child support programs. Each county in Ohio is required to establish their own child support enforcement agency, which means that 88 counties in Ohio have their own separate responsibilities under the Child Support Enforcement Program.

What enforcement can be taken to obtain Ohio Child Support Child Support can also be obtained in the state of Ohio through enforcement in special circumstances. The child support enforcement agency can assist in finding the location of the non-custodial parent or the parent who owns money. The enforcement agency may also be able to locate the employer, or find where the non-supportive parent’s money is held. The Child support enforcement agency may also be able to secure or enforce a child support order that is legally bound under the law. In order to take this step the law enforcement agency of child support enforcement agency uses information from database sources such as: the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Employment Services, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, and the Ohio New Hire Employer directory. Additional enforcement guidelines under the law of Ohio include: income withholding or tax offset. If an individual fails to comply with the established calculations, a court order, subpoena, penalties, or even jail time can follow in the state of Ohio.