Weatherproof and Kamehameha the Ultimate Garment Company

September 6th, 2009

Kamehameha Garment company Weatherproof

As it is said that a person’s dressing sense reveals his personality. It is because of this particular reason; you always look forward to wear those clothes which fits your character. You have to go from one shop to the other and look for that perfect outfit which matches your style as well as suits your level of comfort. But can you remember the name of any clothing manufacturer whose clothes suites all, irrespective of how you look and what is your personality? I am sure you know half the answer. By this I mean that you might know the name of one such manufacturer but may not know the other. Well one of them is Weatherproof Garment Company whose outfit has surely found a place in your wardrobe. The other one is Kamehameha from Hawaii which has made its name by making traditional shirts which is as vibrant as the island itself. Both of these companies are into making completely different kind of clothing but the thing that matches with both of them is the popularity that they have gained over the years.


Lets talk about them one after the other. In case of Kamehameha it is a long story. It started back in the year 1936 and since then it has been producing linen shirts which is the ultimate choice for people who like vibrant designs. The company was initially formed by a person called Herbert Briner who named it against the great king Kamehameha I of Hawaii. From then on this particular company has been the pioneer in bringing the Hawaiian fashion showcase to the rest of the world. An old fashioned made aloha shirt which is the specialty of this garment manufacturer falls in the list of collections for fashionable people around the world. Though these shirts are highly priced but still the number of buyers is increasing everyday for this fashion giant. The only reason behind this is the quality product that they supply to its customers.

The second big name Weatherproof Garment Company from the United States is a much cheaper brand compared to Kamehameha. But in spite of that it has become one of the top sellers in the U.S. market only because of its quality and styling. This garment manufacturer has specialized in designing weatherproof garments at cheaper rates. Their main target customer is the common people and that is why it makes clothes accordingly. The clothes are available in almost all the retail outlets of the country and are also marketed extensively in countries like Canada, South America, Russia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The business plan adopted by the company in the recent past is to expand its market for the common people through their new line of jackets. These have a sporty look and are teamed up with fascinating and vibrant colors. The companies has already started retailing these products through some of its partner stores in the northern part of United States and have got immense response for them.

In case of both the companies the basic idea or business plan is the same. Both of them believe in giving the customers the highest level of quality for the price which they are paying. That is why it is high time that you go and get your stuff, because I am sure that the stocks won’t last long when people finish reading this article.