Why Is Public Liability Insurance So Important

February 3rd, 2013

Whether you own and operate a business or work as an independent contractor you need public liability coverage because you are at risk of accidentally causing harm to another person or another person’s property. No one intends to cause harm, but the fact is it happens every day. You need to be protected from losses that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and even into the millions. Every business person needs to consider publicliabilitycover.org.

It doesn’t take much for a customer or a visitor to incur an injury or loss for which they believe monetary compensation is appropriate. Falling on the floor or a step is enough to trigger a legal claim. A business person should not give out advice on any topic that they are not very knowledgeable about. People will sue over advice that adversely affects them in their opinion.

If you are a self-employed contractor, then your risk may be greater because you do not have an employer to cover you. Household repair workers are vulnerable because they can cause damage to the home and even to the homeowner.

A small business that has just cleaned its rest room, but has not put up a wet floor warning sign could find a person slipping on the floor causing physical injury and loss of wages.

A child day care center has many risks with small children who can easily hurt themselves, and with workers who are bitten by a small child.

Courts in America are receptive to accepting personal injury claims, and the verdicts or the awards tend to be significant even when the alleged damage is just minor negligence or no negligence at all. Of course, this will vary by state, but every state will allow its courts to accept these claims.

If you do not have insurance, then you need to hire your own lawyer who may or may not be experienced at defending these claims. If you have public liability coverage, then your insurance carrier will provide competent counsel to defend you. This advantage alone makes having the insurance worthwhile.

There are some problems that public liability insurance will not cover. Motor vehicle accidents are likely not covered by public liability insurance except for that provision that is part of your automobile policy.