Working as a Caregiver in Spain and Canada: The Why and How

August 31st, 2009

Apply Caregiver spain JobsCaregiver Jobs in Spain More and more people are discovering that the secret to an enriched life is to incorporate work with travel. Working holiday visas are becoming more popular with the younger generation as they are able to explore another world outside their own hometown and get paid to be there.

Two of the most popular destinations to work and play are Spain and Canada. They are very different in climate, culture and community; however they both offer a multitude of employment opportunities for those who want it.

Caregiver Jobs in Spain Spain is a beautiful country rich will culture, history and natural wonder. Home to pristine ocean views, late night fiestas and midday siestas, Spain is the perfect place to live, work and play. You can explore the beautiful architecture in Barcelona, soak up the sun in Malaga or even run with the bulls in Pamplona (if you’re crazy enough to do so).

One of the best ways to become a part of this vibrant culture is to apply for a job as a caregiver. There are plenty of opportunities to work and live in Spain simply by participating in a caregiver program.

Many Western caregivers looking for a change of culture and a change of pace from their city life have already participated in the various caregiver programs. Get paid to explore the city and learn a new language all the while helping out a family and teaching children about a new culture.

Spanish parents often prefer to have a western caregiver take care of their children. This is because they are exposed to a different culture that is not their own. While you learn Spanish, they will learn English which will only benefit them in the future.

Where to Apply for Caregiver Jobs in Spain If you are a qualified caregiver or are looking to become one and love to travel then it might be worth your time to visit one of the several caregiver agencies. They can connect you to full time, live-in employment in Spain.

Caregiver Openings in Canada However, if you choose to get away from the heat and experience the breeze of the ocean, the magnitude of the mountains and the culture of those carefree Canadians, then Canada is also a place with a wealth of caregiver opportunities.

Many Filipinos, Spaniards and Mexicans choose Canada as they destination of choice. This is because Canada is booming with job opportunities for those with caregiver experience and an eagerness to help out.

There is plenty of different caregiver agencies located around the country. So whether you prefer the mountains of the west coast or the lakes of the east coast, there is a place for you.

Canada and Spain are both beautiful countries with a lot of offer, especially to those who are willing to work and able to adapt to the surroundings around them. As a foreign caregiver, you will be able to combine your love of people with your love of exploration for an experience of a lifetime.