Working for the Census Bureau: an opportunity to assist the United States in collecting federal statistics and demographic data

September 1st, 2009

State Census bureau UnitedCensus Bureau of the United States Many people do not give a great deal of thought to the United States Census. It is generally known that it occurs every ten years but beyond that, little is known about exactly why Census information is collected and what it is used for. The Census involves collection of statistics and data to get a clear sense of population and demographics. Participation in the Census is not voluntary; federal law mandates participation because otherwise the government would not be able to get an accurate count.

The Census Bureau in the United StatesThe United States Census Bureau is part of the federal government. The Census is done at the federal level because the goal is to get an overall picture of United States population and other data.

The demographic data, including population data, collected via the United States Census is valuable and used for a variety of purposes. One of the main uses for this data is determining the boundaries of legislative districts at the local, state, and federal levels of government. The data is also used as a means of determining how government funds are to be disbursed among communities.

Census Bureau statistics The United States Census is quick to complete. More importantly, it is mandatory. Even absent these two incentives, many people are willing and even eager to complete the Census as a means of ensuring that the Census yields an accurate count of their respective communities. The reason for this is simple: if people in a given community are undercounted, that community will suffer in terms of representation and funding, and possibly in other ways, as well.

In addition to the Census, there is an American Community Survey. This is akin to a mini-Census; it collects statistics from a much smaller group of people but it is also important.

Census Bureau work is federal employment Maybe it is partly because so little is known about the United States Census that many people are unaware of the fact that the Census is the source of numerous temporary jobs. Not surprisingly, the federal government requires assistance in taking the Census; after all, it would not be possible for existing federal employees to add Census-taking duties to their regular daily work.

Due to the fact that the Census bureau is part of the federal government, these jobs are federal employment. For people who are working to build a resume, who have extra time during the Census, or who wish to experience their communities in a new way, working as a Census taker or other Census official can be a tremendous opportunity. For some people, Census jobs can seem like a welcome break from their traditional workday of punching a clock.

During Census years, students throughout the United States learn about what the Census is and why it is conducted. Newspapers report on the Census. All levels of government remind citizens of their legal obligation to complete Census forms. It is important to every citizen of the United States and to the nation as a whole; all of these valuable reminders about its importance help motivate citizens and remind them of their duty to participate.